Sunday, June 04, 2006

Stage programs

My musical journey from 1960 onwards
1960 - 1965

Self-organized orchestra
My friend in Accordion - Narinder Singh
Raju - Mandolin
Event: Welfare Center
Venue: Central Railway Matunga, Mumbai

Event: Musical Cultural Programme
Venue: Poddar College, Matunga, Mumbai

Married in 20 May, 1962
My life partner - Surinder , sharing my
instrument and music.

My friend, Charanjit,
who also guided me to play the Hawaiin guitar.
He is holding the Hawaiin guitar that he asked me to make for him.
He was among the prominent musician in the group of Indian maestro Pancham - Rahul Dev Burman.

Holding my self-made guitar was a wonderful experience.

Associated with 'Swara sampada' few years back to revive the neglected instrument, the Hawaiin guitar.

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