Saturday, June 03, 2006

Quality-weld Engineers

I introduce myself as Welding Specialist.
We at Quality-Weld Engineers in Mumbai undertake jobs of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. These jobs are on the lines of international codes - ASTM -AWS, BS, D/N IS, ISO in co-ordination with third party inspection agencies like Lloyds, B/V, VNV, ABS,Tata Consultancy and many others.

In metals,we weld copper, Copper alloys, Brass & Alloys, Aluminium & Aluminium bronze/Nickel bronze, Carbon alloy steel, Heat resistance steel, Boiler steel, Nickel overlays, Monel overlays, Copper overlays, stelliting, any types of Hard facing subjected to resistance, impact, abrasion, corrosion, Heat resistance.

Our Quality service to clients :

Flat Products Equipments (India) Ltd
Crystal industrial Syndicate
Bharat Gears Ltd
Crompton Greaves Ltd
Sumgo Engineering industries Pvt Ltd
Super Rhythm (India) Pvt Ltd
United Vander Horst Ltd
Borroughs Wellcome Ltd
Glaxo (India) Ltd
Goa Shipyard
Mazegoan Dock

There are lots of content that I wish to put, there a lots of things that you may wish to know, the best way to know more and say more is to get connected.
You may call me on my
Mobile @ 91-9820423943
land-line @ 91-022-25960856

At4:54 AM, Blogger SWARASAMPADA said...
Keep it up PyaraSinghji,
We all swarasampadites wish you the best in your efforts . After the invasion of Electronic Keyboards many of old instruments died out and hawaiian guitor is one of them

At12:10 PM, Blogger sanjay b said...
Its really great of you to keep your musical interest alive at this age when you are also busy with your work.being a music lover myself i really appreciate your efforts.
Dr.Sanjay Baiskar  
At6:05 PM, Blogger Jessmeet said...
Thanks for the information. As a Sikh I am really proud to see the different generations of slide guitar players. I am new to playing slide guitar. I am very interested in learning how to play the hawaiian guitar. An uncle of mine told me of a couple really good players: Hazara singh and Van Shipley. Do you know where to find instrumental records?  
At12:19 PM, Blogger Adi said...
In 1963 I joined Khalsa College at Matunga. On the Annual Day in 1964 the college invited Hazara Singh & His Orch to perform. He performed the last on the program and played many tunes. But I will never forget two: "Kahin deep jalay, kahin dil" from movie Bees Saal Baad, and "Mera naam chin chin choo" from Howrah Bridge. Can anyone help me find recordings of the great Hazara Singh and his disciple Charajit Singh? My email:  
At7:56 PM, Blogger koshal said...
Dear Pyara Singh ji,

I have haerd a lot about Hazara Singh, but never heard him perform.

Can you help me obtain his CD's or records?

Can you also post your own recordings.

Jay Koshal  
At4:02 AM, Blogger Laha said...
Hi .I have tremondous interest in hawaiin guitar and its lovers.

Those who wish to know more kindly get in touch with me on or call on 9867760318.  
At1:13 AM, Blogger chirag said...
Excellent was a pleasure reading your bolg...I appreciate your selfless efforts...

Chirag H. Thakkar
(Hindustan Times)  
At1:13 AM, Blogger chirag said...
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