Monday, June 05, 2006

Hawaiin Guitar

In the year 1958, I along with a friend happened to be present at the Baisakhi Day with a friend, happened to be present at the Shivaji Park where the Late Shri Hazara Singh was performing along with his orchestra.

I was deeply touched by the sound of the instrument and decided to learn the instrument. From then onwards I never missed a chance may it be on the radio, or his public performance, also collected his LP/EP records. Later I began to learn the instrument on my own.

I managed to construct the instrument myself, which I still play and preserve. Gradually I started to give performance on the stage programs in a few colleges and schools along with other musicians

After marriage, due to my responsibilities towards my family I had to unfortunately discontinue playing.

Around 3 years back, i.e. after a gap of four decades, I started learning classical music from Shri. Subhash Wange and then playing sugam sangeet. I am now a member of the musical group popularly known as ‘Swara Sampada’ based in Mulund (west). Here I have been giving solo performance in cultural events. Recently we performed in a mega musical event in Kalidas auditorium held on 26.02.2006 along with the team of musician.
It gives me great amount of pleasure to note that people appreciate this instrument and encourage me to play more and more every time.

I bring forward this note inorder to get mass recognization for this neglected instrument.Professionally, I am an Engineer/Consultant owning Quality-Weld Engineers in Bhandup Industrial belt.

Cheers !!!

The Hawaiin Guitar is played with the plectrum (guitar pick) and truss rod to strike the notes on the fret

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